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Yard Water Drainage

Dell Outdoor has been in business for 39 years and over that time we have developed a unique skill set for water management and drainage systems. Our solutions are installed at grade level to redirect surface water. Groundwater accumulation can reduce your home's value, affect the structure of your home, pool, shed and can even cause a number of health-related problems. 

A shallow Curtain Drain can be used to eliminate problem areas on your property where water build-up can occur on a low spot on the lawn, or a continually washed-out landscape bed. This drain extends horizontally across your property, uphill of the area you want to dry out and redirects the water to either side.

A Curtain Drain consists of a trench often lined with landscaping textiles that prevent clogging from dirt or roots and one or two perforated pipes surrounded by gravel and covered with sand for further filtration of sediment.

Another common, popular solution is the French Drain. They are environmentally proactive as they can lead to a dry well or a rain garden, an invention that uses wetland plants to absorb excess water and return it to the atmosphere through transpiration.

Any retaining wall that is built into a hillside should incorporate a French Drain so that the wall footings don't give out from the water pressure that can easily build up behind the wall on the downslope.

Storm water is the precipitation from a rainfall event or as a result of melting snow. In undeveloped areas, rain water is unrestricted and may be absorbed directly into the ground. When the area is developed the natural area where the rain would normally be infiltrated back into the ground. These impervious structures offset the typical absorption pattern. As a result, when the rain is not allowed to penetrate it begins to build up causing ponding or flooding.

The homeowner now has to deal with property damage, foundation settlement, devalued property, environmental damage, clean-up costs, insurance claims and health hazards.

Dell Outdoor provides a complete storm water management plan consisting of filtration, conveyance, storage and infiltration to avoid all of these problems. By using Cultec chambers rainwater is collected in inlet structures and piped to an underground retention system. The chambers collect and store the water until the water is directed into the chamber and recharged into the ground. Such a system meets the regulations of the EPA'S Phase 2 of the Clean Water Act.

Residential drainage

   Eliminate flooded areas found in the yard.
   Control rainwater from gutters and impervious surfaces such as patios, walkways, tennis & basketball courts and driveways.
   Operates as a septic leach field system.


At Dell Outdoor, our team of drainage specialists provides tailored solutions to suit the specific needs of your property. We offer free initial assessments to pinpoint the cause of your drainage problem and determine the best solution. Our experienced crew is dedicated to the health and quality of your landscape and never employs a one-size-fits-all approach. For more information, or to plan an on-site assessment, contact us at 1-888-909-3355 or by email. Let us bring our hard-earned skills to work for you!

For optimum functionality and longevity, Dell Outdoor recommends regular maintenance of its Stormwater Management Systems

SERVING Bergen-Morris and Surrounding Counties

The team at Dell Outdoor is committed to providing homeowners and businesses in Bergen-Morris Counties and throughout the New Jersey region with superior yard drainage services. We strive to take the burden of water property management off your hands and to make a positive impact on you and your family's well-being.

In addition to Bergen-Morris Counties, we proudly offer our services in the following Counties Essex, Passaic, Hunterdon,Somerset, Sussex, Warren, Monmouth, Ocean and Orange, and Rockland Counties in New York.

The DELL OUTDOOR Difference

   Everything In-House - We use our own team for all hardscaping needs. No subcontractors. Dell Outdoor employees only.
   Your Own Designer - At Dell Outdoor, we have a team of esteemed in-house landscape designers who will take care of your project from beginning to end. It may surprise you to learn that many landscape companies are not equipped with this ability.

Why choosing dell outdoor for your pool:

   38 Years of Experience and Knowledge
  High Quality Craftsmanship - On-Time and within a Budget
   Cost Effective
  Complete Turnkey Deliverables' By Our Own Personnel
   Great Designs and Colors
   Smooth Finish
   Certified Supplier Of Best Of Breeds Products  
  Professional sales team, architect & engineer on staff, experienced project management on site, all empowered to exceed our customers expectations.
   All pools and spas are fabricated to meet IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)  and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards

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Q:   How can I tell if I have a drainage issue in my yard?

A:   If you notice standing water in your yard, especially after a rainstorm, it is likely that you have a drainage issue. Other signs of a drainage problem include soggy soil, water pooling in low-lying areas, or waterlogged plants or grass.regulations are met. CULTEC does not design systems for homeowners for home owners or sell direct to the public

Q:   What steps do I need to take to resolve water drainage problems in my yard?

A:   To fix water drainage in your yard, you should start by checking the slope of the land. Make sure the land slopes away from your home so that water can flow away from your home. You can also install a French drain or a dry well to help with water drainage. Additionally, you can plant native plants that absorb water and create swales or berms to help direct water away from your home. Call Dell Outdoor to assist in selecting the best solution.

Q:   Does a drainage system need to be maintained?

A:   To keep your drainage system in top condition, take a few simple steps. Remove any debris from the drainage grates and make sure the grass isn't covering the pipe's opening. With a bit of maintenance, you can ensure that your drainage system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Q:   Can I do the drainage project myself?

A:   Yes, you could attempt to tackle the drainage project yourself. However, it is highly recommended that you seek professional (Dell Outdoor) help as drainage systems require knowledge and experience to ensure the project is completed properly.



Dell Outdoor saved our sanity! We moved from New Jersey to Long Island 5 years ago and installed a heated driveway during renovations. This winter, our town hired a local company to widen the road, and they destroyed the end of our heating system. Locating the heating mats which were ripped out, we found they were made by Danfoss Company, a firm with no Long Island rep.Read More
Eric and Roberta, New Jersey
I've been a very satisfied Dell customer for nearly 10 years.  At first, starting with just pool related work and over the years expanding to major hardscaping and landscaping projects given their consistent quality and timeliness. On our most recent project (this was our third) we installed a heated driveway with new pavers. Not the easiest of jobs on a sloped driveway. I cannot tell you how happy we are. It is perfection!...
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Tanya Villagomez Barbella
 I wouldn't even know where to start! This has been a life-changing experience for our family! The entire team at Dell is just incredible. They are hard-working, passionate, fair & talented professionals at all levels. Anthony and his entire team got involved with our project and couldn't be any happier with the end result. They literally did it all: pool, hardscape, landscape, veneer, deck, lighting; sprinkler, etc...They might simply be the best in the business!!!
Romain Maunand
I have been in the trades business for over 30 years.  I heard that Dell did a good job.  When I decided to upgrade my backyard with a pool and new hardscaping, I choose Dell over two other companies.
They did not disappoint.  The quality of work was superb and the office was professional and efficient.
Nick Lemme
Dell was able to replace a failing fiberglass pool with a beautiful new model that the entire family loves.
Dell out-performs the competition and guided us step by step to completion.We couldn't be happier with the results!
J. S. Cervone
The crew at Dell is highly professional and expert at pool and landscape construction. All of the team from Anthony, Rich, Darek, and all are a pleasure to work with. The work is meticulous and they stand by their work. I highly recommend them for a backyard pool and landscaping project.
Adam Kopelan


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