driveway pavers NJ

increase the visual, safety and privacy aspects of your property

driveway pavers for homes in kinnelon nj

increase the visual, safety and privacy aspects of your property

driveway pavers nj

increase the visual, safety and privacy aspects of your property

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Driveway Pavers for homes in kinnelon , bergen, Essex & morris counties nj

A driveway is more than just a solid path for your vehicle. It can define the overall aesthetic impact, as well as the equity value of your home or commercial site.

It wasn't too long ago that concrete slabs and asphalt were the most popular choices for driveways. Yet while they are inexpensive, homeowners end up spending a lot on maintenance costs. Concrete and asphalt are easily damaged by elements like weather and tire pressure. They also look plain and unremarkable. Having limited design options means getting the look that goes with the rest of the style of one's property, and such is hard to come by. This is why more and more property owners are turning to maintenance free and beautiful pavers for their driveways.

Driveway Designs

As the leader in outdoor architectural services, Dell Outdoor has been transforming homes in Essex, Bergen, and Morris counties in the state of New Jersey. We regard paver installation as the means by which we achieve our goal: to turn homes into stunning works of art. Tapping into our design and installation expertise, we create paver driveways that enhance the look and value of one's home.

Qualities of Driveway Pavers

If you are tired of seeing boring, stained, and cracked concrete or asphalt driveways, discover the beauty and benefits of driveway pavers. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for this material:

  Visual appeal – You will definitely feel pride and satisfaction in the way your driveway looks.
  Design flexibility – Driveway pavers come in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes and surface finishes, allowing for endless design possibilities. Bricks can be laid on a pattern that complements the architectural style of your home.
   Ease of replacement – Grease and other kinds of stains can be easily cleaned. However, if the stain is so severe, affected pavers can be easily removed and replaced.
   Durability – Pavers can withstand the harshest conditions -- shifting soil, heavy rain and snow, very high temperature – and the heaviest loads without cracking. We lay units on joint sand and compacted bed to allow flexibility and movement caused by extreme changes in temperature. Expensive repair and replacement are minimized.
   Resale Value – A paver driveway adds more equity to your property than concrete slabs or asphalt.

Brick, Concrete and Natural Stone Driveway Pavers

We have all types of paver materials for new driveways or repair works. You can choose from any of these:

  Natural stones – If you want to create a rustic, natural look for your driveway, then take a look at many types of paver stones available.
  Brick pavers – They create quiet, timeless elegance. They are highly durable and come with long-lasting vibrant colors of dark charcoal, brown, red, and pink shades.
   Concrete pavers – If you are on a tight budget but want the look of a natural stone, concrete pavers for driveways are available in the widest range of colors and styles. Because they are made by combining aggregate and cement, concrete pavers can endure even the heaviest traffic!

Driveway Paver Costs

Driveway paver costs will vary with the type of paver material and whether you choose mortarless or mortared installation. Usually natural stone pavers are the most expensive, then brick, then concrete pavers.

If you want to get an idea of how much your outdoor project will cost, contact us today for an estimate!

Discover Why Dell outdoor Is the Best Choice for Your Outdoors needs :

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   High Quality Craftsmanship - On-Time and within a Budget
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   Complete Turnkey Deliverables' By Our Own Personnel
   Great Designs and Colors
   Smooth Finish
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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

I have worked with Dell Outdoor on a  major backyard renovation-pool , hardscape ,and landscape, and  I am very pleased with the results and most importantly was pleased with the process leading up to the results. It was great working with Anthony and his most  amazing Team. It was a pleasure working with Rich, Darek , Martine,  Eric ,Rosa and each of their team members ( too many to list them all). Each of them, including their team members, were professional, reachable, knowledgeable, preformed high quality work ,and  were a pleasure to work with. I will miss all of them now that we are almost done with the project, but  I look forward to seeing some of them when they come to do our pool maintenance and winterization, as well as other small projects.

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Ruth Schwartz
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

Everyone at Dell has been great! They kept us informed every step of the way, listened to our feedback and worked with us to turn our backyard into a family paradise. Throughout the process we had total confidence in their work and at no point did we run into any issues.  Anthony, the owner, stopped by several times to check on the progress and even followed up with a visit after they were done.  We are so happy that we went with Dell and would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Services: Fiberglass swimming pool construction, Inground pool installation
Paul TenHoeve
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

We could not be happier that we chose Dell Outdoor for our new pool project. The entire team is fantastic, experts at what they do, and terrific to work with. Our new pool area is stunning, everything we had hoped it would be. Everyone that sees it comments on how beautiful it is. Every aspect of the project was done right, and when unforeseen issues arose the Dell team addressed them head on and didn’t take the quick or easy route and cut corners. I have 100% confidence recommending them to anyone looking for a pool contractor.
Adam Sell
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Dell Outdoor is an amazing company. Anthony is great to work with and is very responsive to all requests.

We had a leak in our community pool for 10 years that went unresolved. We called Dell Outdoor and they were able to resolve the issue in just 2 short weeks. Unbelievable work and professionalism! Highly recommend to all property management companies!
Nick Drejaj
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Dell Outdoor went above and beyond to diagnose and repair a leak in our pool. They were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, and we were very happy with the results.
Richard Brown
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

A home project can be very overwhelming at times, but with the Dell Team, we knew we were in good hands. We recently had our Daughter’s 5th Birthday party and everyone loved the pool. They couldn’t stop talking about the rock wall that was built and the splash pad area in the pool. We weren’t 100% on the splash pad when we ordered it but now, we couldn’t imagine having a pool without one… we highly recommend Dell Outdoor!
Anthony Chirdo