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Inground Pool Financing


Is swimming pool financing something you are considering to fund your backyard dreams?

If so, you want a pool builder with financing expertise that can help evaluate your credit and provide a network of loan sources for purchasing or remodeling a pool. With Dell Outdoor, you can get started right away with a free credit pre-approval application.

Dell Outdoor has partnered with Lyon Financial and Viking Capital which offers financing to homeowners for new pool installation, pool repairs, new liners and more.

ingroung Pool financing: How dell outdoor can help

For some pool buyers, the initial outlay for this home improvement project depends on the availability of financing. For others, they simply prefer to pay in full or in part with a third-party loan.

The Dell Outdoor loan financing network is well-suited to evaluate your credit history and help you secure a pool loan (oac). Finance specialists are dedicated to connecting applicants with the best available loan program that aligns with their credit profile and pool budget.

Credit pre-approvals for inground pool financing  

The finance specialist will coordinate directly with you and help you formally apply for a pool loan with the suggested lender. (Again, you are not required to use this lender; you remain free to seek out other lenders.)

This pre-approval review is provided as a courtesy service to prospective Dell Outdoor clients interested in third-party funding; there is no charge or obligation on your part. Even if out partners finance specialists cannot help arrange a loan with a lender, your credit pre-approval application and determination are still 100-percent free.

Please note:

If you know you would like a loan for a new pool, the best course of action is to first complete a credit pre-approval form, and wait to hear back about your credit evaluation.

Then you can schedule an in-home consultation with your local partner Dell Outdoor. After that, you will have an idea about your overall pool budget, and how much you can and want to borrow.

Credit Cards: Another finance option for a new inground pool

Toward the goal of making it easier for homeowners to cover upfront costs for a new pool, Dell Outdoor accepts credit cards toward a portion of the purchase of a new pool or renovation. Accepted cards vary by each office. They may include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Options for credit card payments also vary, as do what they may cover. These may include a down payment, purchase of pool equipment, or a specific stage of construction, such as plastering. Inquire with your local Dell Outdoor team for details.

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When considering financing keep these factors in mind:

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   Have a firm proposal with a final pricing and scope
  Know if your interest rate is locked or fixed
   Is there a prepayment penalty for paying off early
  Make sure no ballon payments unless you want one
   Application or origination fees included or not
   Ask for an offer letter shortly after approval, make sure it is valid for xxx amount of days that fits your install plans and ask for final paperwork on plenty of time to review

Exceptional Financing. Superior Service. Unforgettable Memories.

Dell Pools & Spas prides itself for the past 38 years on our ability to offer a one stop shop business model to include pool, spa, landscape, patio, walkway, retaining walls and it all can be packaged into a monthly cost by working with one of our Financing partners.

These partners are well established, trustworthy, very stable and only work with leading bank institutions.

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Selecting the best loan for you will help ensure that you are not only getting the deal you want but the pool you want.
Dell can and will deliver your total package!
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Client reviews

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When we started looking into having a pool built, it was daunting to say the least. Reviews on the internet were so simple and barely said more than if they were satisfied or unhappy. I called a couple places, made appointments, and was actually disappointed by the lack of knowledge of the people that you are speaking with. no one i spoke with made me feel comfortable, until Anthony came along. When we started our pool process, we had only purchased our home nine months prior, so a home equity loan was kind of out the window and unfortunately, i don’t have loads of cash sitting in the bank. Fortunately, Dell offered financing through Lyon Financial, which was exactly what we needed to make our backyard a reality. Dell not only guided us through the permit and construction process, but also through financing. Rich was great through all of the paperwork. The process getting the loan was easier than buying a car!!! A pool to many people is a luxury but i don’t think people realize how easy it is. We started the process in March 2020 or shall i say the beginning of quarantine. Anthony promised i would be swimming by Memorial Day and he kept that promise. Now to be honest, because of quarantine, Anthony and i actually did not meet until July. He sold us our pool over the phone and not once made us feel like we were not as important as someone who had just walked into the showroom . If you are questioning who to use or whether you can afford it, Dell can make it happen!
Nathalie Cook
Love Dell! Love the creativity/artistic ability they bring ~ unreal the vision! Their employees that come do the work are so kind and professional ~ look forward to them being around whenever I need them. The attitude of workers matters a great deal to me and these guys are a delight ~ love the team.
Kelly Warras
Dell had done some landscaping for us the previous year. We were very impressed with their work and responsiveness. We decided to hire them for our pool/backyard project. It is/was the best decision we have ever made regarding home improvements on any level. From the planning, approvals, construction, and clean up went exactly how it was supposed to go. No surprises, no hidden costs, no disappearing acts, and perfect execution for the entire project
Liz F.
Dell outdoor built us a wonderful pool and outdoor living area.  Anthony was always very responsive throughout the process, and he always recommended what I felt were the best options for me which were not always the easiest of most lucrative for him.   Overall, I would highly recommend Dell Outdoor.
Manish Patel
Several times over the project, a team member would pull us out side to recommend how something should look or how it could be improved. Not only did this help the vision of the project but most of the times it actually cut costs. What contractor would try to cut costs?!? These guys really look out for the home owner.