The Complete Guide to Designing an Outdoor Living Space


The Complete Guide to Designing an Outdoor Living Space

When we think about home improvements, our outdoor spaces are often overlooked. Well, they're just as important for your own enjoyment as they are for property value. Increasing your home's curb appeal can boost your home's value by up to seven percent.

Luckily, it's even easier than you think to improve your outdoor living space. Well, we're here to help with that.

From firepits to lighting, let's talk about how to design and improve your outdoor living space in 2022!

Keep A Budget In Mind

Before you even start, set an outdoor living space budget and stick to it. Remember, when you buy quality equipment, it will last for a long time, so make sure your budget reflects that.

However, you may want to break your budget into categories and set a limit for each. Once you have that, you can start planning!

Measure The Space

Everything in your design has to fit the space you're trying to fill. If you have a copy of your property survey, then this will help, but it's better to measure the specific area yourself to eliminate the guessing game and ensure accuracy.

From there, draft an outline of the area on paper or in the computer program of your choice. This will help you visualize where everything goes before placing it.

Determine The Purpose

If you're looking to spruce up your pool area, hang out with friends, or plan for a backyard wedding, then your needs are going to be very different.

While preparing to draft your plan, consider the maximum amount of guests you will host, how to plan for seating, lighting, and more.

Plan For Seating

What's the most important part of your outdoor space? That's right, guests!

For that reason, seating is the first priority. Whether you choose bench seating, patio furniture, or pool furniture, always look for high-quality options.

Remember, even items that are built for the outdoors will eventually wear from the elements, so it's better to spend more on something that will last 20 years than save a few dollars now only to have to replace them in a couple of years.

While shopping for furniture, always measure everything and plan for it before everything else.

Figure Out Lighting

Outdoor lighting is difficult to get right but it can make or break the entire design. If you plan on spending your summer nights outside, then figure out what type of lighting works best and where.

LED lighting will certainly help you save money on your electric bill, and the bulbs will last up to 100 times longer, but the lighting itself might be harsh.

If you're looking to create subtle lighting, you can use any type of bulb (including LEDs) in string form. String lighting, rope lighting, or any others can help bring just enough light to the area without being overwhelming.

Remember, if you're planning on surrounding your space with it, you will need at least enough lighting to cover the perimeter, so remember your measurements.

Now, if you want to prepare for any atmosphere, then lighting with a dimmer switch is the best way to go. Want to do even better? Try remote-controlled lighting.

Alternatively, garden light posts, outdoor lamps, or lanterns may be right for your space. It all depends on your taste and needs!

Beyond that, try to light any walkway or path where people may travel at night, and you can always add spotlights for security. Just remember to turn them off when spending time outside!

Use Nature To Your Advantage

Do you have a garden or beautiful flowers growing anywhere on your property? If so, plan around them to liven up the space!

Even with limited space, placing flower pots around it, shrubs, or small gardening boxes can go a long way. You're outside, so make the most of it!

Bring Your Walkways To Life

Anywhere people will walk, especially to and from their cars, should not only have the right lighting but the right path. If people are hanging out by the pool or hot tub and they want to walk to their car, you don't want them bringing their dirty feet back, do you?

Well, laying down some paver stones can really help improve your space, take your walk-in garden to the next level, or simply make your guests more comfortable!

Choose The Right Amenities

You may try to double down on a certain aesthetic or "vibe". There's a pool party vibe, outdoor tiki bar, cozy backyard, and so many other options to choose from.

Whatever you want, from flowers to coolers and tables, try to keep the aesthetic consistent throughout your entire space. If you're shopping around and something doesn't seem to "fit", then consider waiting until you find the right product for your needs!

Don't Forget Firepits

Whether it's by a pool, a patio, or in the woods, a firepit will help improve the space. The best part about firepits is that, not only do they create a great atmosphere, but they can fit any design.

For that reason, use your firepit as a centerpiece to complement and display the type of aesthetic you're going for.

If you want a modern, rustic, or natural outdoor fireplace, there are plenty of options for you. There's no better way to spend time with guests than sitting outside by the fire!

Build Your Outdoor Living Space Today

Now that you know how to improve your outdoor living space, why wait? The sooner you do, the sooner you can impress your guests and relax by your beautiful new firepits!

Stay up to date with our latest outdoor tips and check out our landscaping services today for any help with your projects!

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