Your Guide to Fiberglass Pools: Benefits, Designs and Considerations

Your Guide to Fiberglass Pools: Benefits, Designs and Considerations

With all of the benefits that an inground pool can provide for your family, it's almost not even worth mentioning how much they add to your home value.

There are a lot of reasons to get a pool. From beating the heat without taxing the A/C to getting the most out of your staycations, they can make any summertime situation more enjoyable.

When you start considering inground types of pools, a leading contender for your business should be fiberglass pools. This article will detail the designs, advantages, and buying criteria so you can make the best pool purchase possible.

What Are Fiberglass Pools?

A fiberglass pool is a prefabricated swimming pool that is sold as a single piece by the manufacturer.

The fiberglass shell is made of at least six different support and protective layers. These layers consist of woven fiberglass that is hardened by a waterproof polyester and vinyl resin. It's finished off with a gel coat to give it exterior protection and a smooth pool surface.

Pools are installed as one piece in a hole dug out to match the pool's shape. Plumbing and electrical wiring are installed before a crane lowers the pre-built pool into the hole.

The gaps between the walls of the hole and the walls of the pool are filled with backfill. It's finished up with coping and decking before you fill it with water and start enjoying it!

Fiberglass Pool Designs

One significant drawback of fiberglass pools is customization. Since they are pre-fabricated, you do not have as much versatility as a concrete pool, which you can pour into any shape or size you can imagine. Still, manufacturers are broadening their designs and color options so customers can find the perfect fit.

The other problem with fiberglass pool designs is that they are limited in size.

A fiberglass pool is delivered in one piece, usually on an "oversize load" truck. To fit that truck, the pool can be no wider than 16 feet. So, if you want an Olympic-sized backyard feature or custom pools, fiberglass is probably not the best option.

Why Buy a Fiberglass Pool?

Outside of the size and shape limitations, there are few drawbacks to fiberglass pools. Let's look at all of the benefits of having one installed.

Installation Time

If you need a pool in a hurry, then a fiberglass pool is the obvious choice. A concrete installation can take up to six months, but a fiberglass pool can be set up in 3-6 weeks.


A fiberglass pool will last around 30 years under normal conditions, but it's not unheard of for one to work for up to 50 years.

Concrete pools are some of the finest options available, and it shows in the price. But their rigidity leaves them open to cracking, which can happen when the ground under and around them shifts. Cracking could be cosmetic, or it could be structural, putting you in need of repairs.

Fiberglass pools are both strong and flexible. Not only do they handle chemical exposure better than concrete, but they also move with the ground if it shifts, allowing it to keep its seal.

Easy Maintenance

Fiberglass, unlike concrete, is non-porous, a feature that helps save you time and money in a few ways.

Concrete can absorb chemicals, causing wear and tear and a greater need for upkeep. Fiberglass's smooth, sealed surface protects it from chemical damage, so it keeps its composition for longer.

The gel coating stays resilient against damage from UV-light, scale, and microorganisms. Unlike a vinyl liner that needs replacement every 6-10 years, a fiberglass coating may only need a gel coating replacement once every 15 years. In the meantime, concrete needs resurfacing every 10-15 years, and if you don't scrub it regularly, it may need even more frequent acid washes.

Long-Term Savings

The long-term durability makes life with a fiberglass pool easy, but it's not the only way it saves you money. You'll also see a substantial decrease in weekly upkeep costs.

The gel coating in fiberglass pools repels just about everything, including algae, which has a difficult time sticking to the slick surface. And unlike concrete, which raises the pH of the water over time, a fiberglass pool's coating maintains a neutral pH.

Fiberglass pools reduce the amount of algae treatment, pH neutralizer, and other additives you need to make a pool swimmable. Compared to concrete, the maintenance of a fiberglass pool can cost thousands of dollars less than concrete over a 10-year span.


A massive benefit of fiberglass over vinyl liners and concrete is its insulating quality. Fiberglass retains heat extremely well, meaning you'll spend less time running electricity to keep it heated. With the energy savings, you lower your carbon footprint and save significant money on your monthly utility bills.

As mentioned, fiberglass surfaces do not absorb anything, including the chemicals you use to treat your water. Since you don't need to add chemicals as frequently as you would in concrete or vinyl pools, there's also a lower environmental impact.

Regarding chemical usage, you can also take advantage of saltwater instead of chlorine without issue in fiberglass pools. Although concrete and vinyl can use saltwater systems, any exposed metal could corrode, and concrete would see faster wear.

Fiberglass resists breakdown from saltwater, giving you all of its health and environmental benefits without compromising your pool's longevity.

How to Buy a Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool can be expensive, running about $45,000-$55,000 for installation, so you need to make sure it's worth the initial investment. If you like the sound of a long life with minimal maintenance, then fiberglass pools will be the best option. And if you live in an area with a greater need for pool heating, the energy cost difference will be even better for you.

If the cost concerns you, shop around for financing or personal loan options to cover the cost. Many reputable dealers offer an assortment of payment options to fit your budget.

Before shopping for pools, you need to assess how much flat area you have to work with and decide on a shape. Factor in who will be using it and consider what size and shape would work best for everyone. Share designs with your family and come to a consensus on the features that will get the best use.

Shop Fiberglass Pool Options Today

A fiberglass inground pool is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the ultimate upgrade.  From the installation to its long-term maintenance, it will make pool ownership as convenient as possible, giving you lasting performance for decades.

Are you interested in learning more about fiberglass pools and available options for your property? Our team with 38 years of experience is available to provide advice, answer all of your questions plus offer a financial solution to meet your individual needs. Get a free estimate today, and see how we can transform your backyard dream into a reality.

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