What Is A Gunite Pool?


What Is A Gunite Pool?

If you're thinking of building a backyard pool, you might be wondering what type of material is best for the construction. You're caught up between gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools but don't know which one suits you.

Gunite pools are a great addition to your home. They can be customized and will last for years if well maintained.

Read on to learn what is a gunite pool and its advantages over other residential swimming pools.

What Is A Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools are made using a combination of crushed stone and cement. They're usually covered with fiberglass shells, although there is some variation based on the desired shape or depth of the pool.

Many homeowners prefer gunite swimming pools because they require less maintenance than other types of pool construction while delivering an aesthetically pleasing result.

Gunite Swimming Pool Construction Process

A concrete gunite framework is constructed over several weeks. It's treated with a waterproofing product before being covered in fiberglass to form a shell.

The shell protects the interior from damage due to weather, contact from people and animals, and sediment buildup at the bottom of the pool. A gunite pool is a more sustainable choice in warmer climates where algae might be a problem throughout the year.

If you own a gunite swimming pool, here are several things you'll want to keep in mind:

Steps to Follow When Building a Residential Swimming Pool

Building a residential gunite pool is an exciting process that needs homeowners and contractors to work together. Here are our easy steps on how to build gunite pools:

Consider the Size

Before you get started building your dream backyard oasis, there are some things you need to consider. The first thing would be what size do I want my gunite pool?

There are three sizes from which you can choose; small (4'x8' pool), medium (8'x12'), and large (12'x20').

Secondly, what style of gunite pool do you want? You can choose to have a curved pool, an oval-shaped pool, or even a free form one which is still very popular.

Get a Design Plan

Plans for the gunite pool are made by either hiring or working with an engineer. You can also obtain your permit from your city. Have the plans read over to avoid mistakes when submitting them.

Get a Construction Permit

Before construction begins, the contractor and the property owner must get the necessary permits. Be sure to hire a contractor that's experienced in building gunite pools. Don't be afraid or shy to ask questions.

With all the permits in place, it's time to start your site preparation. With the help of a contractor, you'll now be ready for the pool construction.

Benefits of a Gunite Swimming Pool

Swimming pools play a significant role in enhancing home value and comfort. Here are impressive benefits of installing a granite swimming pool:


Gunite pools are more robust than other types of swimming pools. They're built thicker than other types of concrete. This makes them more resistant to damage from large objects or extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or tornados.

If you're building them on a commercial property, you've nothing to worry about. They can handle large amounts of foot traffic without breaking over time.

Ease of Maintenance

Because the walls of a gunite pool are so thick, homeowners can efficiently perform regular maintenance to keep their pool in excellent condition. This includes brushing and scrubbing out dirt and debris, patching up cracks, replacing filter cartridges every year or two.

A gunite pool requires very little maintenance once it's been built and filled with water. The water itself does all the work.

Installation is easy and can be done quickly with little disruption to the home or surrounding property. It makes them ideal for homeowners who want to get in on the action quickly.

Shape and Customization

With swimming pools built using other construction methods, homeowners are limited to rectangular shapes with rounded edges. A swimming pool builder can construct it in almost any shape and customize it with slides, diving boards, fountains, and sanitizer systems.

They can even include multiple levels and sunken lounge areas.

Homeowners can choose their décor materials, coping options, decking patterns, stairs and ladders, lighting systems, and more.

Environmentally Safe

This swimming pool is environmentally friendly considering that it's made from sand and water. Gunite pools are inarguably much friendlier to the environment than other types of swimming pools.

They also prevent health problems like asthma, respiratory ailments, allergies, dermatitis, and irritation of mucous membranes or eyes.

Shorter Construction Time

Gunite pools can be built in as little as 7 days. This is roughly one-tenth the time it takes to build an above-ground vinyl or fiberglass pool. It also consumes fewer resources, less energy, and ends up costing less money over time.

High Quality

Gunite pools are known for being strong and sturdy. They're resistant to cracks or other structural damage caused by extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Besides, they also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The materials used to build them are superior to those found in almost all other types of swimming pools. This makes them highly durable and dependable over time.

Why Gunite Pools Are So Popular

Gunite pools are so popular because of their versatility and customization options. They can be shaped into any desired design, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Homeowners can also customize the décor materials, coping options, decking patterns, stairs and ladders, and lighting systems. This allows them to create what they want without having to compromise with anyone else on the project.

It also gives them maximum control over their budget throughout the process. They don't have to rely on contractors or other professionals for assistance in these areas.

Want to Learn More on What Is a Gunite Pool?

Are you a swimming enthusiast that values durability and wants a unique swimming pool? You might have heard of gunite pools before and are wondering, what is a gunite pool? You're not alone.

At Dell Outdoors, we construct the best gunite pools across New Jersey at affordable costs. We also offer financing to our clients at great rates. Please request a free estimate today or call us to start your gunite pool construction process.

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