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We are proud to be a premium distributor of Sunrise Spas. We have found them to be committed to superior craftsmanship and luxury at an affordable price. They use the latest innovations to maximize your hot tub experience and minimize your maintenance needs.

A hot tub for your home is a significant investment, so we make sure every hot tub is built with materials that will last a lifetime. Plus, Sunrise Spas has made maintenance and operating easier and less expensive, with a proprietary insulation and filtration system.

Just Look at these Features

  • Turn On the Jets... Feel the Stress & Pain Release - The hydromassage therapy of your new Sunrise spa offers an affordable hotwater healing alternative – with benefits that help with pain relief, stress relief, greater mental awareness, improved well-being and release of toxins.

  • Beautiful Lighting - The chromatherapy features of your new spa help you set the mood you want, while promoting overall health and well-being. Features include:

    • LED illuminated waterfalls
    • LED Multi-Colour Main Light
    • LED Cabinet Lighting
    • LED Sunlite Jets/Air Control
    • LED Perimeter Lighting
  • Build-in Sound System - If you love music, it doesn't get much better! Enjoy your favourite tunes streamed through a Wireless Bluetooth/MP3 Audio System with waterproof speakers and a subwoofers.

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Controls - The state-of-the-art digital control system brings reliability and ease of use to a whole new level with:

    • Convenient touch pads with easy to read back-lit LCD.
    • Patented M7(R) technology eliminates error prone mechanical switches by combining sensors and software to precisely monitor your spas water temperature.
    • Simple setup of filtration cycle for crystal clear water.
  • Sparkling Clean Water With Less Maintenance - A proprietary filtration and water management systems ensures sparkling clean water with less maintenance.

  • Exclusive Jet Design for the Best Hydromassage Ever - Your new Sunrise hot tub comes standard with exclusive groups of personal hydromassage jets, designed to provide a vigorous yet gentle massage. The high flow pressure design eliminates discomfort associated with typical hard pressure jets found in many other spas.

  • High-Performance, Energy Efficient System - Sunrise Spas has engineered a high-performance, energy efficient system to provide years of affordable spa enjoyment. At the heart of this system is a powerful yet highly efficient 2-speed therapy pump designed to provide powerful flow with alternative speed operation for filtration and heating. You get lower energy bills, peace of mind, reduced maintenance costs, as well as cleaner and fresher water.

  • Green Guard Roxul Insulation Recirculates Energy  - Every Sunrise spa is insulated with proprietary Green Guard Roxul Insulation. This method of insulation captures and recirculates the spa's own heat energy throughout the interior cabinet, reducing the demand on the heater – saving you money. Other benefits of this proprietary insulation:

    • Won't absorb or retain moisture, like traditional spray foam insulation does, preventing mold and mildew build-up
    • Superior noise absorption makes Sunrise hot tubs some of the quietest spas on the market
    • Is inorganic and will not provide a food source necessary for bacteria or small animals to consume
  • Custom-Fitted Thermal Cover to Minimize Heat Escape - Your new Sunrise spa comes with a custom-fitted thermal cover to keep precious heat from escaping. The covers are made using marine-grade vinyl, with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and tearing. They are also triple-stitched for strength and durability and include locking, child-proof fasteners.

  • Cutting Edge Technology & Stringent Quality Control - Sunrise spas are made in North America with industry-leading manufacturing technologies and stringent quality control standards. Sunrise Spas is a market leader and one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic spas, with an expert staff of engineers and specialists ensuring every spa meets our stringent quality control standards before shipping to you.

  • Bottom Pan Protection Against Moisture, Insects & Animals - Your new Sunrise spa is designed to keep maintenance needs simple and the frame away from the cold wet ground. To protect your hot tub against moisture, insects and animals, the entire bottom of the tub is capped with a polyethylene base, and on the SunLite Series there is an additional layer of Reflect-X insulation.

  • Industrial Strength Steel Frame Structure - With a precisely fitted, industrial strength galvanized steel frame, your new Sunrise spa ensures a lifetime of durability and structural integrity.

  • The Aesthetic & Practical Benefits of Acrylic - In addition to superior strength and chemical resistance, acrylic maintains excellent resistance to weathering, infrared/ultraviolet radiation, staining and scratching. Your new spa starts with a thermoformed Lucite Acrylic shell, and is then reinforced with a layered fibreglass/resin construction that boasts structural integrity and beauty. Benefits include:

    • Superior structural integrity and durability.
    • Chemical resistance.
    • Excellent resistance to weathering, infrared/ultraviolet radiation, staining and scratching.
    • Exceptional quality finish of the acrylic surface, enhancing the overall appearance.
  • Worry-Free No-Leak Plumbing - The plumbing harnesses in Sunrise hot tubs are designed with optimal colour-coded hose arrangements that keep the spa cavity uncluttered; red hose for air lines and blue hose for water lines. Triple-Seal plumbing ensures each jet fitting will not leak and straight-line plumbing is engineered for better water flow. The spas are designed so you can have the most enjoyable spa experience possible with no worries about a leaky tub.

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Sunrise Spas Classic Collection

Download the specification sheet

  • Sunrise Model 670

  • Sunrise Model 770

  • Sunrise Model 780

  • Sunrise Model 870

  • Sunrise Model 880

  • Sunrise Model 970

  • Sunrise Model 980


Sunrise Spas Classic Collection

Download the specification sheet

  • Sunrise Model S101

  • Sunrise Model S102

  • Sunrise Model S103

  • Sunrise Model S104

  • Sunrise Model S105

  • Sunrise Model S106