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Stress is part of daily living and it can be tough at times to fight it. Fortunately, Dell Pools and Spas, Inc. provides services for spa and spa covers to relax and rejuvenate you without stepping out of your property. With the variety of design options that we have, you will surely find one that will fit your outdoor space and budget.

A spa is a great way to relax the body and mind. Soaking in bubbly warm water while enjoying the view of your beautiful landscape will certainly bring your whole being into a clearer and more laid back state. The great thing about spas is that they are designed to boost the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

To provide our clients with premium products and services, we partnered with the best spa companies in the country like VIking, Composite Pools and Beachcomber. With these partnerships, our clients will only get the best spa and spa covers for optimum enjoyment and appeal.

Beachcomber Spa: Providing Total Comfort

A Beachcomber spa is an ideal product because of its variety of features that will definitely bring your spa experience to a whole new level. Beachcomber provides different types of hot tubs in various sizes, colors, and designs. Their products have additional features, such as thigh and palm massagers, wide seating, and programmable digital controls.

Maintaining Beauty and Functionality with a Spa Cover

To keep your spa protected when not in use, Beachcomber spa covers are recommended. These covers are designed to provide the utmost coverage while sealing in heat. Now that is one great way to save energy and money at the same time. Aside from spa covers, they also provide various accessories and water treatment products to enhance your relaxation experience.

Spa covers, as the name suggests, are meant to protect a hot tub from getting contaminated with debris or insects. This way, you can enjoy your tub anytime without risking health and hygiene in the process. Also, hot tub spa covers keep people, especially little children, from being exposed to the hot water contained in the tub. So even if kids are running around in the backyard, they would not accidentally fall into the tub.

Each hot tub spa cover is designed and manufactured to be durable enough to withstand weight and heat, so you can rest assure that everyone is safe and that water gets heated faster, thus saving more energy.

Spa and Spa Covers Installation and Maintenance

Dell Pools provides professional installation services to ensure that your spa and spa covers are well-installed for optimum function and efficiency. We also provide maintenance services for replacement spa covers whenever they are torn, worn-out, or damaged beyond repair.

Replacement Spa Covers and Lifts

Our replacement spa covers are made of the same quality materials as the ones that come with the initial installation. To make things easier and more convenient, a spa cover lift is available to make lifting and storing the cover effortless.

A spa cover lift comes in various mechanisms depending on your needs and preferences. You can also avail of other spa accessories such as micro filters, drains, water jet features, and more.

Quality Spa and Spa Covers You Can Count On

We provide products and services for spas for residents within Bergen, Morris, and Essex in the State of New Jersey. Find out what your options are by giving us a call today. Get your spa and spa covers only from Dell Pools and Spas, Inc.

Please call for a free consultation, estimate and references: 973-636-6777 or complete our online form.

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