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Waterfalls & Features

A truly good designer will marry your water feature seamlessly into your poolscape, landscape and elevations, naturally complementing your outdoor living space.

From a modern striking focal point to a tropical cozy ambiance, water features are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Custom designs can incorporate metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, tiles or stone. There are a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes, ensuring your design will naturally complement your outdoor living environment.

Water features can be incorporated into the structure of your swimming pool or be designed as a standalone feature,  accenting another area of the poolscape.

There’s more to a water feature than just aesthetics.

A pool water feature provides continuous circulation, keeping the pool cleaner, thus requiring less maintenance.

The soothing sounds of flowing water brings stress relief and relaxation to your outdoors, whether the water feature is installed as part of the pool or as a separate design feature. Flowing water sounds are an ideal way to drown out superfluous outside noises. A water feature with the proper noise level and flow will enhance your outdoor space.

Dell Outdoor can highlight textures and structures by installing strategically placed outdoor lighting within and around your water feature.

Our experienced designers will educate you on options and features that will expand the functionality and enjoyment of your poolscape.

Types of Water Features

  • Fountains
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Water walls
  • Bubbling ponds

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