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Pool Leak Detection

Pool leaks are not an uncommon occurrence. Even swimming pools that have been designed by experts and constructed very well will wear out over time. Sometimes the plumbing system throws a problem while at others, the fixtures or lighting may develop leaks. And when a leak occurs you need to ensure it’s fixed within the shortest possible time.

In addition to water wastage, the water can cause a lot of damage to the pool’s foundation, equipment and the surrounding features which can become difficult and expensive to fix. If you suspect your pool has a leak, please call us without delay.We at Dell Pools are a leading full-service landscape, pool & spa design company based in Hawthorne, New Jersey. We cater to customers from the surrounding areas including Allendale, Alpine, Bergenfield and Bogota.

Many property owners from in and around Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, Closter and Cresskill prefer to hire us for all their swimming pool maintenance and leak detection needs. We have made our mark in this space and built a very strong customer base in Demarest, Dumont, East Rutherford, Edgewater as well as Elmwood Park and all of Northern New Jersey. Not only do our leak detection services save you a lot of trouble and time but money as well.

Leaking Pools - Signs to Look Out For

There are some common signs that indicate your pool has a leak such as:

  • Visible Cracks - You have noticed cracks in your pool floor, the walls, pool equipment or the plumbing.
  • Air Bubbles - If you have noticed any bubbles in the pump housing it indicates there is a leak in the plumbing lines located in the suction side.
  • Excessive Loss Of Water - A swimming pool typically loses about 1/4th inch of water each day and this caused by natural weather conditions such as humidity and evaporation. If you feel that the water level in your pool is reducing drastically, it could indicate there is a leak in the pool or in one of the systems connected to it.

How We Fix Different Types of Leaks

Some of the common points at which leaks occur include:

  • Filter Site Leaks - This leak is visible to the eye and our experts will fix the damaged PVC with good material using glue and primer.
  • Light Leaks - There are times when the pool light fixtures are the culprits and are causing the leaks. We use special epoxy to fix the leak, but in some cases, the entire housing would have to be replaced.
  • Vinyl Liner Leaks - Sometimes ground leaks crop up in vinyl pools and our technicians will identify and patch these holes or cracks.

Custom Pool Leak Detection Services

In cases where there is no visible indication of a leak but your pool is losing more water than it normally should, the problem could like in the filtration system or plumbing system. In situations such as these, we will conduct a pressure test to identify exactly where the leak is and will fix it expertly.

If you are looking for pool leak detection services that will meet your specific needs and fit into your budget, our custom pool design solutions are just for you. We distinguish ourselves by providing high-quality services at very competitive pool leak repair cost.

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