Beautiful Gunite Pool

Gunite Pools

Beautiful Gunite Swimming Pools

At Dell Pools and Spas, Inc. we have been building beautiful Gunite Pools for our clients for many years. The addition of a Gunite pool to your landscape area is a step forward to a new lifestyle. Your backyard will become a place where you can have a relaxing swim on a hot day, do some exercise in the water in privacy, or it can become the place to have parties and BBQ’s with family and friends. A swimming pool has the ability to really enrich your social life and allows you to enjoy the outdoors so much more. Gunite has been used to build pools for over 30 years. It is one of the most popular types of materials used for swimming pool construction.

What is a Gunite Pool?

What is a Gunite pool exactly? Well Gunite is a coating made from a mixture of cement and sand. Once the pool builders have dug the hole, put in the plumbing and installed the reinforced steel rod framework it is then time for them to spray it with the Gunite mixture. It is in effect a wet concrete material. The surface of the pool is then smoothed out with the use of a trowel. Many people choose to finish their Gunite pools with white plaster, fiberglass, concrete paint or tile. The choices are endless when it comes to Gunite pools. The reason why they are so popular is because they look great and are also very durable and can be built in any shape and size.

Cost of Gunite Swimming Pool

Gunite pools are often seen in both residential and commercial applications. At Dell Pools our customers are always impressed with their Gunite swimming pools for they know they are getting an elegant looking pool as well as one that will last a lifetime. When people spend considerable amounts of money on a swimming pool they want to have peace of mind knowing that the cost of their pool is going to be a durable addition to their home or commercial property. It is such a huge decision to make and that is why the professional team at Dell Pools are always on hand and ready to answer any of your Gunite pool queries. Let us help you add a stylish pool to your backyard or commercial site; one that will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Gunite Pool Design

The most appealing thing about Gunite pools is that the options are limited only by your imagination. Dell Pools can sit down with you and make your pool visions become a reality. You can select from a wide range of surface finishes such as pebble aggregate, colored plaster, marble, glass beads, paint or tiles. Then there is the pool surrounds to consider including stamped concrete, stained concrete, pavers, tiles, decking and pool coping. Once you have your Gunite pool installed you can add any feature you like such as a rock or step waterfall, lighting effects, pool heaters, spillover spa, slides or perhaps a basketball or volleyball setups. Call the experienced team at Dell Pools today and we will build you a stunning Gunite pool that you will be so proud of!

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