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Pool or spa safety covers are motorized or manual barriers that are positioned over the water’s surface and can be closed and opened easily. These covers are an excellent way of maintaining pool safety because they act a deterrent to curious children. Once these outdoor pool covers are properly in place above the pool area, they provide a very high level of security when you have very young children in your home as it inhibits their access to the water. Aside from this, a pool cover also keeps out debris and dust and ensures the chemicals, heat, and water stay in the pool.

We at Dell Pools are a leading full-service landscape, pool & spa design company based in Hawthorne, New Jersey. We cater to customers from surrounding areas including Allendale, Alpine, Bergenfield and Bogota. Many property owners from in and around Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, Closter and Cresskill prefer to hire us for all their swimming pool cover installation needs.

We have made our mark in this space and built a very strong customer base in Demarest, Dumont, and East Rutherford, Edgewater as well as Elmwood Park and all of Northern New Jersey. As mentioned at the outset, residential pool covers are available in two variations- manual and automatic. Here is some information about both these types of covers:

1. Automatic Safety Covers

These covers are fixed in place at the deep end of the pool and a motor is used to close and open them. Since tracks are installed along the pool’s edges, they provide a high level of safety when they are closed. Some companies also have safety, winter and solar pool covers in one and these provide excellent year-round protection to your pool.

All it takes is the turn of a key to turn this into a solar cover, winter cover or safety cover. There are a number of automatic safety cover options on the market today and we can help you with all the information you need about these products and what their pros and cons are. Safety covers act almost like a horizontal fence and in some municipalities can be installed in place of an actual pool fence and gate. These pool covers can be used for any type of pool such as concrete, vinyl, fiberglass or gunite etc.

2. Manual Safety Covers

These are also referred to as unpowered safety covers and they can be fixed at the deeper end of the pool. They have tracks that help guide the cover when it is either opened or closed. You also have the option to simply drag the cover above the pool when you want to close it. Since these aren’t motorized features, they require more effort to drag and position them correctly.

Regardless of whether you want an automated cover or a manual cover on your pool, we are the experts that can handle the project for your existing or new pool structure.

If you are looking for swimming pool cover installation services that will meet your specific needs and fit into your budget, our custom solutions are just for you.

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