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Chlorine Pools

When it comes to the choice of pool there are saltwater pools and chlorine pools to choose from. While every homeowner researches these two different systems and wants to know what their pros and cons are, many people opt for residential chlorine pools.

We at Dell Pools are a leading full-service landscape, pool and spa design company based in Hawthorne, New Jersey. We cater to customers from surrounding areas including Allendale, Alpine, Bergenfield and Bogota. Many property owners from in and around Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, Closter and Cresskill prefer to hire us for their chlorine swimming pool installation needs.

We have made our mark in this space and built a very strong customer base in Demarest, Dumont, and East Rutherford, Edgewater as well as Elmwood Park and the nearby areas. We can provide you the type of pool you like and you can rest assured that the best technology will be used in the work to ensure you have a pool system that will be sustainable and long-lasting.

Chlorine Pool Facts

As a premier company in this space, we like to make sure that our customers have all the information they need about outdoor chlorine pools and what their pros and cons are. This helps them make a more well-informed decision. Here are some important facts about these pools:

  • Chlorine pools have a lower upfront cost compared to saltwater pools.
  • They require a little more maintenance than their saltwater counterparts.
  • It is important to be vigilant and check the pH balance in your chlorine pool at regular intervals.
  • When we install this pool for you, we will also provide you a detailed list of the chemicals required and maintenance schedule that you would have to follow to keep the feature in a good condition.
  • The addition of these chemicals will be dependent on how perfect you need your swimming pool chlorine water to be and how often it is going to be used. The sanitizing effects and schedules will be dependent on this.
  • Chlorine pools need to be shocked every three to four weeks to kill the excess bacteria.
  • You will need to also find out exactly how much of chlorine is in the swimming pool to determine the amount of shock that has to be added.
  • While we do help with installation of all the equipment and provide all the essential information, we also provide complete chlorine pool maintenance services, so you can rest assured your pool will remain healthy and safe at all times.

Chlorine Pool Cost

Chlorine pools are a great option, but they take some commitment and their initial cost is low. These types of pools have been around for about five decades and are proven to be safe and affordable. If you are looking for chlorine pool installation and maintenance services that will meet your specific needs and fit into your budget, our custom solutions are just for you.

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