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Chlorine Pools

When it comes to the choice of pool there are saltwater pools and chlorine pools to choose from. While every homeowner researches these two different systems and wants to know what their pros and cons are, many people opt for residential chlorine pools.

Chlorine Pool Cost

Beautiful swimming pools don’t have to come at designer prices. Chlorine purification systems are the perfect choice if you are looking for an option with less expenses upfront. These savings are largely because you do not have to purchase a chlorine generator. In addition, with less equipment, parts and components potentially in need of repair, in the long run you could save on maintenance costs. With that said, a chlorine pool requires the purchase and storage of chlorine tablets, which means more expensive and frequent weekly maintenance.

Chlorine Pool Highlights

  • Chlorine is the most effective way to sanitize water
  • Less likely to corrode adjacent pool furniture or structures
  • Easy to maintain proper chlorine levels
  • Uses less electricity
  • Chlorine can be used with all types of pool construction

Chlorine Pool Challenges

  • Must check water’s pH balance at regular intervals
  • Needs to be shocked more often
  • Chlorine levels will need to be determined before the pool is shocked
  • Chlorine must be added on a regular basis
  • Chlorine can be harsh, drying out hair and irritate eyes and skin

If you are looking for chlorine pool installation and maintenance services that can be customized to meet your budget preferences, our custom solutions are just for you.

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