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Walkways are not built for aesthetic purposes only but also for utilitarian considerations.

Accordingly, walkways should be considered as equally important as the other elements in the landscape such as the driveway. This is exactly why a homeowner should have a concrete plan when building a walkway to maximize their functions. If you are not well acquainted with the technicalities of building walkways or you don't have any design ideas yet, you should call us.

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Walkway Design in New Jersey

Dell Landscaping has been designing and building elegant and useful walkways for the homeowners of New Jersey for several years now. Our work can be seen in many cities of the state like in Allendale, Fairview, East Rutherford, and Fort Lee. If you have been to these areas, we are sure you already have seen some of our completed walkway projects.

Different Types of Walkway Designs

Your walkway can be likened to a red carpet in such a way that it can also lead your visitors to your porch with grace. But walkways are naturally more interesting and intriguing as compared to red carpet because they can be designed based on your specific needs and preferences.

There are various types of walkways to choose from but most of our clients are more familiar with the traditional designs. Most homes have these usual designs:

  • Straight walkways - This is the simplest design and can be the most inexpensive walkway to build. Another advantage of straight walkways is ease of maintenance.
  • Curved walkways - This design can be very pleasing because it brings an enhanced charm to the area. A curved walkway also invites anyone who walks on it to slow down and take a glimpse of the beautiful scene of the landscape.
  • Walkways with a long set of steps - This design provides ease to anyone who walks on ascending steps by breaking the spacing.

Flagstone Walkways and Natural Stone Pavers

At Dell we offer even more. We believe that your landscape deserves the best attention possible and our walkway designs will make that happen.

For example, we can create an inviting ambiance to the area if your walkways are lined with flowers or mulched beds. Your landscape can also have a better look if it is highlighted with a walkway made of bricks, stones, or pavers. For many people the natural look of Flagstone pavers laid aesthetically is difficult to top.

Our landscapers can guide you in choosing the most suitable design for your landscape. With our vast experience we can definitely create a unique and durable walkway for your property.

Walkway Pavers

Dell Landscaping recommends the use of pavers when constructing walkways because of their versatility. Pavers can specifically be applied on patios, balconies, terraces, garden paths and more. Our pavers can be classified into three categories: concrete pavers, brick pavers and natural stone pavers.

These three types of pavers are distinct from each other and possess their own good qualities. For example, brick and concrete pavers come in different sizes, shapes and magnificent colors. These pavers are manufactured so there are nearly endless available selections. Meanwhile, natural stone pavers come in limited designs and colors but their individual uniqueness, elegance and natural look are incomparable.

Reliable Walkway Building

Dell Landscaping is always committed to offer the best professional landscaping services and quality workmanship to our clients. This makes us a recognized company in many areas in New Jersey, from Bergen to Morris County. And when it comes to walkway building, most homeowners in these areas rely on our company.

If you want walkways that are beautiful, durable, and unique, contact us today and we'll be more than glad to discuss it with you.

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