Paver Stones

Dell Landscaping can handle everything that you possibly need when it comes to pavers. As veteran paving stone installers operating in Essex, Morris, and Bergen Counties, we can effortlessly install pavers that will surely make heads turn. Our mission is to provide clients like you with hardscapes made of premium quality materials so you will enjoy their benefits for years and decades.

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Paver Applications

Pavers are some of the most versatile and beneficial landscaping materials given the wide range of uses and aesthetic and practical benefits that they provide. Specifically, they are used in the following structures:

  • Patios: Among the most prominent uses of these materials is as patio pavers. They are commonly used because they are available in wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Such diversity allows us to achieve the exact look that our clients want. With us, you get a stunning, functional, and durable patio that will be a focal point in your property.
  • Driveways: With Dell Landscaping, every driveway construction project deserves our 100 percent attention. With this, we always strive to create pavers driveway that are meticulously designed and well-built. In fact, each of the numerous paved driveways that we created has become a source of pride of the property owner due to sturdiness and beauty.
  • Fire Features: We also install pavers as the dominant materials in the various fire features that we create, such as fire pits and fireplaces. With pavers, our fire feature creations not only provide warmth on cold days and nights, but also serve as decorative parts of any landscape or indoor areas.

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Type of Pavers that We Install

Meanwhile, these are some of the types of pavers that we can install:

  • Concrete Pavers: These are ideal for use in driveways, walkways, gazebos, bike paths, and many more. And before you think that concrete pavers come in limited designs, the truth is that we can install various designs, sizes, and shapes to achieve the look that you want.
  • Brick Pavers: We also recommend the use of brick pavers. These materials are great for driveways, flooring, walkways, gardens, patios, fireplaces and fire pits, and other structures. Brick pavers exude a nature-like and earthy feel and look that many nature-loving and conservative residential and commercial property owners love.
  • Paver Stones: Paver stones are also a favorite among landscapers and property owners because of their beauty, sturdiness, and versatility. They can also be used to create stunning hardscapes that not only look good, but also serve very practical uses in any landscape area.

Choose Dell Landscaping For Your Next Paver Stone Creation

When it comes to pavers, there is only one company that you can rely on—Dell Landscaping. Our partnership with Belgard, a trusted name in the landscaping industry, means that we only use premium quality materials in our paver installation projects. This means that our paving stone creations are guaranteed to last for years.

Additionally, our in-house masons and artisans assure you that we have the technical and creative skills required to create simple to complex hardscape structures using pavers. In fact, our people are among the finest craftsmen in the landscaping business so you're surely in good hands.

Get the landscape that you've always dreamed of with our expert help. Contact us today and let us build you hardscape structures that will beautify your property and turn it into a more relaxing place.

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  • Anchor Cobble
    Anchor Cobble
  • Aqua Roc
    Aqua Roc
  • Catalina Slate
    Catalina Slate
  • Classico
  • Country Manor
    Country Manor
  • Dublin Cobble
    Dublin Cobble
  • Eco Dublin
    Eco Dublin
  • Holland Stone
    Holland Stone
  • Lafitt Paver
    Lafitt Paver
  • Lafitt Grana Slab
    Lafitt Grana Slab
  • Lafitt Rustic Slab
    Lafitt Rustic Slab
  • London Cobble
    London Cobble
  • Mega-Arbel Patio Slab
    Mega-Arbel Patio Slab
  • Mega-Lafitt
  • Mega-Old World
    Mega-Old World
  • Old World Paver
    Old World Paver
  • Old York
    Old York
  • Provence Slab
    Provence Slab
  • Turfstone

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