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Patio Pavers

Among the best additions that you could have for your home is a patio. It is a great addition to your home because of these reasons:

  • Promotes relaxation. Since most patio designs include greens such as plants, trees, and manicured shrubs, patios are ideal for relaxation with the cool breeze brought by the greens. Since water features can also be added, the more relaxing patios can become.
  • Adds value to property. Most realtors agree that patios increase the market value of any property on sale.
  • Encourages creativity. From choosing which pavers and patio designs to select, up to the exact patterns to implement, constructing a patio will surely get your creative juices flowing.
  • Promotes family, neighborhood, and friendship bonding. The good thing about patios is that you could invite friends and neighbors over for some chit-chat or afternoon barbecue party. This cultivates strong bonding, as well as serves as means to have meaningful memories.

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Installing Patio Pavers

As long-time landscape contractor and patio paver's installers, we at Dell Landscaping know that the key to an attractive and durable patio is to have premium materials.

Top Quality Patio Brick Pavers

And by that we mean getting top quality patio brick pavers from trusted industry suppliers such as Belgard. This company has been our supplier of choice because of the durability, beauty, and versatility of their products. Our various experiences when we install patio pavers have taught us that Belgard pavers are among the finest materials available.

With pavers, we can guarantee that you'll enjoy the wonderful designs and patterns available for you to choose from. Also, these are easy to replace, are slip-proof, durable, and are cheaper than other paving materials.

Get the Best Patio Contractor

Before you get to enjoy the wonderful benefits of pavers, you should first hire the best landscaping contractor specializing in patio pavers design and construction. And if you happen to live anywhere in Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Allendale, Franklin Lakes, or Saddle River, then your best option is definitely us here at Dell Landscaping.

With our years of experience in the landscaping business, we have already made designing and installing patio pavers an art form. We have also discovered the exact formula in creating patios that are guaranteed to last for years and retain their beauty even when exposed to the elements.

Patio Pavers Designs

Moreover, here are some things that make us different from the rest of the competition:

  • Great patio paver designs and patterns. Our creative design team stops at nothing to come up with a final design plan that will suit your taste and reflect the mood and look that you wish for. We love variety, which is exactly why we have dozens of designs for you to choose from.
  • Superior installation. All of the patios that we have worked on in the past remain as stunning as they were when we made them. This is because we only use the best industry techniques.
  • Outstanding logistics. For one, we have the best paver supplier/partner such as Belgard. Also, we have the best people who are technically-skilled in ensuring a hassle-free and commendable patio design and construction. Lastly, we have the right tools to guarantee that we get the job done quickly and satisfactorily.

So for your patio pavers design or installation needs, please contact Dell Landscaping today. 1-888-909 DELL (3355) or complete our online form.