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Adding a touch of purpose and elegance—that's what hardscapes are for.

Gone are the days when such landscape elements are merely referring to just walkways and driveways. As it is, trends in New Jersey require a more relaxing escape. It can be a solitary, serene moment or a laughter-filled occasion. Such places with meaningful purposes have to be built with elegance and durability.

The Distinct Quality of Pavers

It's more likely that after a recession, people will prefer cheaper materials that unwittingly compromise quality. Surprisingly, that is not the case in New Jersey. People still prefer high quality materials despite the higher cost. Pavers are a bit costlier, but definitely worth every cent.

Woods, concrete, and other synthetic alternatives may have their unique beauty for building satisfying hardscapes but they don't have the same durability that the tougher pavers, bricks, and natural stones have. Accordingly, our company doesn't simply settle on any hardscaping materials out there, which is why we have partnered with the most reputable suppliers that are proven to deliver the highest quality hardscape materials in the country.

Creating Magical Outdoor Living Spaces

Not only mysterious trees, thick shrubs, and bright flowers can create magic in a landscape, but also stone-covered walkways and driveways. Why not use better hardscapes so that you will have better outdoor living spaces?

Incidentally, more and more people have realized the valuable benefits of spending more time outdoors. This is exactly why building outdoor living spaces is a growing trend in New Jersey; from Bergen County, to Essex and Morris Counties.

Why settle for a small coffee table for two if a fully furnished outdoor kitchen with an outdoor dining area can be built? Why be contented with a bench under a big tree if a big gazebo or an outdoor living room with a warm fire pit or fireplace is possible? It would be a shame to simply leave a big space for the topiaries if that same space is a perfect spot for a relaxing spa.

Building more hardscapes is the only way to enjoy those magical outdoor living spaces. They will be magical because they will be built not for show, but for creating precious memories that every guest will surely cherish and remember.

Custom Hardscapes

What sets Dell Landscaping apart from other companies is our continuous commitment to providing quality services. To do this, we seriously believe in the benefits of tailor-made hardscapes.

While there are ready-made gazebos, fireplaces, kitchen islands etc., our company never settles on things that are commonly found everywhere. This is because we know that you sure won't want to end up having the same style of patio as your neighbor or your colleague.

Remember that whatever you choose for the hardscapes will forever be the testament of your sense of style. So, make sure that your choice will be an elegant and durable legacy.

Creative Hardscaping Design and Ideas

Dell Landscaping has been in the landscape business for so many years that we have already mastered the art of customized hardscapes. We service Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Allendale, Saddle River and neighboring cities in New Jersey.

We have the most creative hardscape designers to design the perfect outdoor haven for you. Plus, we have the best masons and other specialists in their fields to build the most durable, attractive, and functional areas out of any bland and boring piece of land.

With us, commercial or residential landscapes will not just have functional hardscapes, but areas that will surely be a conversation piece now and in the future.

Contact us for a free estimate on your next paver or hardscape project: 973-636-6777 or complete our online form.

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