Backyard Oasis

Finishing Touches

In any design it's the little details that are the most important. The ones that show the thought and sophistication put into an idea. This is no less important in planning your outdoor landscaping and thankfully, Belgard offers curb pavers and hardscape edging pavers that will complement your driveway, patio, walking paths and more. Browse our hardscape edging, paver sealers and paver cleaners to learn how we can help you put the finishing touches on your hardscape project.

  • Anchor Landings Step Unit

    Anchor Landings Step Unit

  • Anglia Edger

    Anglia Edger

  • Country Manor Curb Stone

    Country Manor Curb Stone

  • Hemmingford Step

    Hemmingford Step

  • Lafitt Column Cap

    Lafitt Column Cap

  • Marina Coping

    Marina Coping

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