Brick & Masonry Steps

Steps allow you to move to an elevated place or lead you to a certain area in the landscape. When installed, they become a permanent part of the landscape. This is why they should be designed and built with durability and aesthetics in mind. This is possible with the use of bricks or masonry.

Why Use Brick and Masonry Steps?

They are not your average kind of steps. They offer durability, added aesthetic appeal and minimal maintenance. Here are a few other reasons to use brick or masonry steps:

  • Provide unmatched durability - Brick and masonry steps are durable materials. They can last for years and require infrequent maintenance and repair.
  • Enhanced landscape design - Bricks and masonry works are visually appealing when installed by experts. They add variety and depth in the landscape design. They also enhance the looks of structures such as patios, entryways, gardens, walkways, porches or outdoor kitchens. Brick steps and masonry steps find their most popular use in construction of entryways.
  • Require minimal maintenance - They are easy to clean and repair.

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Steps Installation

Brick or Masonry Steps add a charming visual dimension to any landscape. However, the tasks involved in installation are not exactly for amateurs or DIYers.

Everything has to be planned well from the design up to the actual construction. Failure to do so could lead to mediocre results and wasted resources. So don't allow any inexperienced contractor to handle this kind of job—better hire Dell Landscaping.

Designing and Installing Steps in New Jersey

Our company offers the best results in designing and installing brick and masonry steps in the state of New Jersey. We also have been working with bricks for many years so you are assured of high quality construction and superior services.

Our core working principles make us stand out from our competition. Let us show you some of the reasons why Dell Landscaping is the primary choice of many homeowners in New Jersey:

  • Creativity: We treat every project as a work of art. You may want decorative brick steps such as circular steps surrounding a large tree in your garden or the bull-nosed brick entryway. You may also want masonry steps that complement the façade of your home. Other options could be the traditional squared or the S-shaped steps. All of these ideas can be incorporated in our design. Our team of designers will design them based on your taste and requirement.
  • High quality materials: We only source our materials from leading brick and stone manufacturers, like Belgard. Because of these partnerships, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of brick design, texture and color. Moreover, our installation and masonry techniques allow us to create virtually maintenance-free brick steps or masonry steps. As a result, you get great looking steps that will last for years.
  • Professional work: Our previous brick and masonry work helped us master every brick or masonry step installation technique. Because of this, we can work quickly and efficiently on every project we handle. In addition, all of our masons and brick layers are properly trained and fully licensed to handle even the most complicated project.

Use Dell Landscaping for your Brick Steps

Combining beauty and performance is what Dell Landscaping is all about. This is why we also chose to specialize in the installation of brick steps and masonry steps. If you want to know more about our value-for-money services, just contact us for a free consultation and estimate on your next project.

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