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Outdoor Lighting

At Dell Outdoor, we install top-quality lighting products from reliable manufacturers. We are proud supplier of CAST Lighting, and Encore Lighting, installing a variety of low voltage lights, LEDs, solar lights or a combination of any of these eco-friendly products, resulting in consumer savings on your monthly energy bills.

Cast Lighting

Lighting Ideas

Dell’s experienced design specialists incorporate various types of lighting to achieve the desired ambiance of your hardscape or softscape outdoor living area.

  • Submersible Lights are installed to enhance the beauty of any type of water features to achieve depth and highlight points of interest.
  • Uplights highlight or softly direct attention to statues, trees and outdoor living areas, such as kitchens and fireplaces.
  • Moonlights mimic the natural light provided by the moon. These lights are installed high on trees for a truly mesmerizing moonlit effect.
  • Flood Lights emit extremely bright light and keep your premises well lit and secure.
  • Pathlights make walking around at night effortless and safe, as they are typically installed along pathways, walkways and steps.
  • Automated Sensor Lighting can be programmed to turn on and off at certain hours, or even activate or deactivate based on detected movements, providing you the freedom to enjoy your property.

Lighting Techniques

  • Grazing adds dimension and depth to your outdoor features, perfect for patios, columns and other vertical structures.
  • Shadowing achieves a projector-like effect, where the lights cast or project a shadow.
  • Silhouette Lighting / Silhouetting works similarly to shadowing, except it is the outline of the object that is projected.
  • Mirror Lighting works perfectly for water features, such as ponds and pools, by creating mirror images of aquatic plants and rocks on the water surface.

So if you need a reliable outdoor lighting installer in the Tri-State area, please contact us today. You can also visit our Hawthorne office to personally tell us your landscape lighting concerns. 973-636-6777 or complete our online form.