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Property owners who want to improve the look of their property should strongly consider having outdoor kitchens. These outdoor living amenities are quickly becoming necessary add-ons to many commercial establishments and typical residences. And when it comes to designing and creating these outdoor features, no one does it better in New Jersey than our people.

At Dell Landscaping, we provide the most comprehensive landscape design and installation services for valued clients. And one of our areas of specialization is in creating functional and attractive outdoor kitchens complete with all the cooking and dining amenities that you desire.

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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

We ensure that our kitchen designs will improve the aesthetics and functionality of our clients' outdoor living area. We carefully listen to their preferences and then incorporate them with our own design ideas. Among the outdoor kitchen designs that we can work on include:

  • Modern. A modern kitchen will surely delight you and your family or guests with its simple, yet truly elegant appeal. You can have all the cooking utensils and features in this kitchen design so cooking your favorite meals will be effortless and fun.
  • L-shaped. L-shaped kitchens are some of the classic designs that truly don't get old. Their basic shape may be unassuming but their functionalities can never be discounted as they can get the cooking job done.
  • U-shaped. Another favorite is a U-shaped outdoor kitchen. This kitchen design makes outdoor cooking more efficient because you can divide the kitchen into multiple working areas.
  • Island. A kitchen island is probably the most basic, yet utterly functional outdoor kitchen design that you can have. It is a simplistic approach to cooking that nevertheless lets you cook hot and fresh meals for your family or guests without much difficulty.

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Outdoor Grills

Outdoor kitchens won't be complete without some handy and multi-functional outdoor grills. Accordingly, we can install high-end grills that will let you cook several meals simultaneously. Our grills are sourced from trusted and known brands like Summerset and Lynx so you're assured of top notch performance whenever you need it.

Fun Outdoor Bars

Wines and other alcoholic drinks can make after-meal conversations jovial and fun. We can install outdoor bars complete with a wine rack, a bartender station and some high chairs to complete the look.

Outdoor bars are a must-have for any outdoor kitchen and our clients can fill them with all the wines they want. We can even install a flat screen TV and a sound system so they can watch their favorite game over friendly drinks.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing says personalized than a custom outdoor kitchen. Our designers and installers have the experience needed to make your personality shine in your choice of kitchen amenities, materials, and design.

Accordingly, we only use some great products from our partners such as Summerset and Lynx grills. Lynx's Professional and Sedona grills and Eastern Outdoor Furnishings' Summerset grills possess innovative features, superior performance, and sleek designs. They are available for both freestanding and built-in applications.

Our people can also translate your design preferences into an outdoor kitchen that will give your guests a clue of your impeccable taste. So if you want to please and showcase your personality, a custom outdoor kitchen is the way to go.

We are your Outdoor Kitchen Specialists

For truly extraordinary outdoor kitchens, please call Dell Landscaping. We service New Jersey cities and we will be very happy to create your dream outdoor living amenities. 1-888-909 DELL (3355) or complete our online form.

  • Belgard Brick Oven

    Belgard Brick Oven

  • Bordeaux Series

    Bordeaux Series

  • Brighton Series

    Brighton Series

  • Bristol Series

    Bristol Series

  • Country Manor Fire Pit Kit

    Country Manor Fire Pit Kit

  • Tandem Modular Grid

    Tandem Modular Grid

  • Weston Fire Pit Kit

    Weston Fire Pit Kit

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