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PVC Fencing

PVC Fence resembling Wood Fence

Dell Fence, a Division of Dell Landscaping Inc, is a leading fencing company serving Bergen, Essex and Morris Counties, New Jersey. We have been providing a wide range of fencing services for many years and have gained a great reputation for our top quality fencing installations. Our fencing contractors specialize in both residential and commercial fencing installations using a variety of fencing materials including wood, chain link, aluminum, vinyl and PVC.

PVC Fence Installation

If you want to have a PVC fence installed on your property then we are the company for you. Contact the professional team at Dell Fence and we will get you on your way to having a new PVC fence.

PVC Fencing Quality and Professional Installation Makes a Difference

When it comes to PVC fencing, it is true that you can get the materials from your local hardware store. However, when it comes to quality you are better off getting your PVC Vinyl fencing from the manufacturers.  We at Dell Fence only use the highest quality PVC Vinyl fence products and materials. We have access to some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Don’t use cheaper brands just because they are less expensive. It is always a good idea to buy better quality materials so that you get a better fencing system. Any work done around your home or business property is a valuable task. For you are usually not only making your property better functioning but you are also increasing the aesthetic appeal at the same time. But when you do spend some money on your property you want to make sure it is money well spent.

Benefits of a PVC Fence

PVC Picket Fence

Here are some of the benefits of installing a PVC fence on any property:

  • Low Maintenance: PVC Fences are very low maintenance. You do not need to repaint them or get them treated with any chemicals. PVC is manufactured to the highest standards and will last you a lifetime.
  • Termite Free: unlike wood fences you do not need to worry about the possible effects of termites on a PVC Fence.
  • Durable: PVC is a very durable product. It is actually 5 times stronger than a wood fence. It is also more flexible than wood. So it is a great fencing material for holding cattle and sheep for it will flex under loads.
  • Visual Appeal: the great thing about PVC is that it will never require a repaint and it cannot be damaged by graffiti. It will add aesthetic appeal to your home or business for it will last for the life of the fence.
  • UV Protection: PVC is manufactured with a special formulation which results in a fence, material that will not rot, chip, peel, corrode or blister under the effects of the sun.

PVC Swimming Pool Fencing

So as you can see the installation of a PVC fence is a win-win situation. Dell Fence will install a fencing system that will last you decades. Your PVC will look great for many years to come without any maintenance, unlike some other fencing materials. Let our team of experts install a PVC Vinyl fence for you and all you need to do is sit back and reap all of the benefits. Talk to one of our friendly consultants and we will provide you with all the answers to your PVC fencing questions. Take that next step to a fencing system that will serve your property well!

We service Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Wayne, Kinnelon, West Milford and neighboring cities in New Jersey. If you are looking for a contractor that you can trust to get the job done right than please feel free to set up a free in home consultation and written estimate. 1-888-909 DELL (3355) or complete our online form.