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Heated Driveways & Snow Melting Systems

Snowfall in New Jersey can be pretty unforgiving. 16-inches deep of snow is common in bad winter days. But good or bad weather, going out of your home is inevitable, and you cannot do that with all the snow on the way.

Shoveling is a solution, but it is not the best or the most convenient. Why do the shoveling if having a clear driveway in every winter morning is possible without lifting a finger? That's possible with heated driveways.

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What are Radiant Floor or Heated Driveways?

A heated driveway is an example of a radiant floor system. It is one of the types of snow melting systems commonly installed in areas with snow problems, like New Jersey.

Driveway heating is done by a system composed of a heating element, a sensor, a power source, and a controller. When the system is turned on, the heating element will start melting the snow, clearing the way, and revealing what we call the radiant floor. There is more than just one way to do this, depending on the type and the kind of system installed.

Types of Snow Melting Systems

Snow melting systems come in various types. They can be hydronic or electric. Hydronic driveway heating uses hot water to "flush" the snow. The water is delivered via pipes that are sitting beneath the driveway. Electric, on the other hand, uses radiant heating cables installed underneath the driveway. The set of wires is heated up, causing the paving to heat up and then melt the snow.

The snowmelt system can also be automated or manual. The good thing about a manual system is that you have total control over it. Simply turn it on or off when you see fit. But this will also pose the risk of forgetting to turn it on or off. That's when an automated system becomes a better choice.

It uses a sensor that detects if the surface or surrounding is cold enough. Once the desired temperature is reached, it will automatically turn on the system and then turn it off when it has detected the job is done.

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Driveway Heating is Important to Enhance Your Property

Having a heated driveway system is important because taking care of the snow is much easier. Doing it without tremendous work is a great convenience, and convenience comes with a price. But don't worry because no matter what the cost of a heated driveway is, having one will always improve the market value of your home. That's because having such a system is thought to be for upper-end properties only.

The benefits of having a snow melting system also outweigh the cost of a heated driveway. With this installed in your property, you don't have to worry about snow shoveling or ice buildup. This is the reason why most commercial properties in New Jersey have them installed particularly in malls, public walkways, loading ramps, and car wash shops.

Experts in Installing Heated Driveways

Your residential property can also have this system. Dell Landscaping offers heated driveway installation whether it is hydronic or electric, manual or automated. It also won't matter whether you want this for an existing driveway or a new one.

Contact us today and ensure that your next winter will never be a shoveling-snow season with heated driveways.

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